Opportunity To Change Medicine for the Better

Ask most doctors or most patients if they think "medicine is broken" and they'll knowingly nod in the affirmative. But what are we going to do about it? Because we are convinced that medicine is at its core an information and knowledge processing discipline, our lab develops and applies tools and methods in data-science—writ large—to advance the practice and science of medicine. For continued relevance to medicine these efforts are designed to answer questions that excite us and that have immediate or near-term applicability. For this reason, the skill we most treasure and work to nurture in our lab is the ability to ask interesting, important and potentially answerable questions.

Who we are


imageThis lab is led by Zak Kohane, MD,PhD, Professor at the Department of Biomedical Informatics. The lab includes a mix of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, the occasional undergraduate and visitors. We are mostly supported through generous funding from the National Institutes of Health (particularly the Common Fund, NHGRI. NLM, NCATS, and NHLBI), as well as foundations (RWJ, Hood), commercial collaborators (Aetna, Merck, UCB, Takeda). Also generous donations from individuals and Harvard Medical School have helped nurture early-stage exploration of some of our favorite questions.

The lab meets as a group weekly with individual meetings as needed or desired.